More than 500,000 people were killed by Covid-19. One-quarter American

The latest death fee is more than 502,000. Johns Hopkins University, because cases continue to rise and outbreaks occur in countries around the world.
United States of America According to JHU, as of Monday, just over a quarter of the global total has the highest death rate, recording at least 125,800 deaths.
More than 10.1 million people infected the disease worldwide. Over the past few days, the Covid-19 crisis has deepened in the USA. Connecticut and Rhode Island – It has recently registered a decline in cases.

Increased cases were reported in 36 surprising US states last week. In Florida, officials recorded 9,585 new cases on Saturday, a one-day recording since the outbreak began. On Sunday, the government reported 8,530 new cases.

Weeks at least after many US states reopened after the crash, at least a dozen of them stopped their plans to make restrictions even easier.

Texas governor, the second most populous state in the United States, paused the region’s phased reopening on Thursday and ordered more restrictions on businesses, including bars.

State governors, including Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, New Mexico and North Carolina, have announced that they will not go to the next stage of reopening.

Some governors have linked state surges to more common tests – but former CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden told Fox News on Sunday that the increase in cases in the south of the US was due to the country’s reopening very quickly.

Other countries that are beginning to emerge without a lockdown are also struggling with the authorities’ struggle with local outbreaks.

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In China, about 400,000 people in Anxin county, near Beijing, were taken into lockout measures after a small increase in cases in the region.

A local government statement said that people in the region were only allowed to buy material from one family member per day, and all non-locally registered vehicles were prohibited from entering the province.

Elsewhere, India has registered more than 100,000 new Covid-19 infections in the past six days as cases increased across the country. Fears are rising over the situation in Delhi, which struggles with medics and bed shortages for patients in hospitals.

The country’s ministry of health announced on Monday that a total of 548,318 people were infected and 16,475 people died.

Health workers arrive at a health camp on June 28 in a slum area in Mumbai, India

Meanwhile, in Australia, officials are trying to keep an epidemic in Victoria. Health officials posted 75 positive results on Sunday, the largest single-day increase in the state since March 30.

Victoria’s health officials carried out a “test attack” in the state, saying it has run 53,000 tests in the area since the process began on June 25.

And in England there is a cluster in the city of Leicester. A deputy representing the region called for a local deadlock in the city. According to the PA news agency, officials have recorded 866 Covid-19 cases in Leicester over the past two weeks.

Incidents continue to increase in Latin America, which is one of the main factors behind the record rise in global cases over the past few weeks.

Brazil reported 30,476 new cases within 24 hours on Sunday. The country has recorded more than 1.3 million cases, but reopening continues in cities like Rio de Janeiro.

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In Mexico, the president announced that the country’s capital, Mexico City, will be gradually restarting on Monday, although 4,050 new cases have been announced on Sunday. Mexico has the 7th most Covid-19 deaths in the world behind Spain.

Both Colombia and Peru reported increasing cases. Colombia’s case count is now at 91,995, and officials recorded 167 new deaths, the highest daily death rate reported by the country since June.

CNN’s Christina Maxouris, Eliott C. McLaughlin, Swati Gupta, Shawn Deng and Isaac Yee contributed to this report.

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