More than 50 Muslim workers ‘members do not believe in Islamophobia’ UK News

A new survey found that more than 50 Muslim members of the Labor Party do not trust Kayr Starmer to deal with Islamophobia, with almost the same proportion they say they do not trust the party’s grievance process, a new survey has found.

The Labor Muslim Network’s (LMN) report is the latest sign that the party’s new leadership is losing the trust of minority ethnic members and supporters, even as it continues to fight an opposition crisis that has wreaked havoc in support of Jewish voters.

Members of the party’s own network of black and minority ethnic activists echoed the report in a search echoed earlier this year that the party had a “classified” notion of racism, with some forms of racism considered more serious than others.

A survey of 422 Muslim members or party supporters found that 10 – about 59% – about 6 did not feel “represented by the leadership of the Labor Party”, and about half – 44% – did not believe that the party took the issue of Islamophobia seriously.

It found that 55% “do not trust the Labor Party leadership to deal with Islamophobia effectively” and 48% do not have confidence in the party’s complaints approach to dealing with Islamophobia.

Among the issues raised were reports from Lebu’s administration and legal unit, citing Islamophobia as an example, the party’s view on government-led counter-extremism strategies, and how the new leadership would change the party’s view in Palestine.

A Labor supporter quoted in the report said: “As a Muslim, most organizations in the UK often feel that human rights issues are at the bottom of the list, being respected and heard in our best interests / advocates. It seems that in all UK organizations it is condemning Muslims and Even torture has become increasingly acceptable. “

A labor source told the Guardian that there were significant concerns within the party about the way Islamophobia was being handled, as there was no code of conduct to deal with Islamophobia comparable to the law that has been enacted to deal with opposition. As a result, high-profile lawsuits such as that of Trevor Phillips, which the party suspended in March over allegations of Islamophobia, remain inactive.

The source said that after scrutiny from the media, the party changed its procedures to focus on opposition: “But there is no such thing with Islamophobia. Also, other parties are significantly worse. The Tories are just off Islamophobia as well as anti-Christ.

A spokesman for the LMN said its report’s findings were deeply relevant and called on Labor to take “comprehensive action” against the racism described by Muslims in the party.

The statement issued by Labor and blaming Starmer and her deputy, Angela Rainer, did not resolve the issues raised with the leadership, but said they would work to implement the LMN’s recommendations.

It said: “We thank the Labor Muslim Network for this important report, as well as their work in ensuring that our Muslim members are represented, included and listened to. Islamophobia has no place in our party or society and we are committed to eradicating it. ”

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