More than 2 years after her disappearance, Wissem found safe and sound

It took her parents to conduct an investigation on social networks and sites specializing in prostitution, to locate Wisem. Her uncle, whom she did not know, pretended to be a customer, and they met at a hotel in Ivory-sur-Seine. Arriving at the scene, Wisem “found himself face to face with this uncle and his father”, reports Parisian, They took him to the police station in Ivory-sur-Seine. Heard Friday through Saturday night, she must have confessed that she had indulged in prostitution of her own free will since her disappearance.

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Once the trial was over, the police in Ivory-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne) released the teenager, who had arrived at the place he had told them to. Her parents are trying to understand what has happened since July 31, 2019. “She is in control, under pressure, has lost her prudence and it is regrettable that the police were able to let this young girl go unnoticed. explanation to your family”, indicates Figaro Arash Derambrash, the lawyer for the girl’s parents. He said his clients still have no answer on the terms of Wiseman’s disappearance, no answer on the fuss of the investigation and the silence of justice.

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“Handling this case is a legal mess. My clients are waiting for an explanation,” the man of law continues. For his part, Avery’s prosecution has assured that he will become aware of the young woman’s trial when She will consider the follow-up action.

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