More than 2 billion vaccines administered worldwide

AA / Ankara / Merv Aydogan and Basra Nur Kakamaki

So far, more than 2 billion vaccines have been administered against the coronavirus worldwide, according to data released on Thursday by the Our World in Data website.

China is the country that administered the most vaccines with 704.83 million doses, followed by the United States with 296.91 million doses.

India vaccinated 221.4 million, Brazil 68.92 million, UK 65.66 million, Germany 52.78 million, France 37.45 million, Italy 35.82 million, Mexico 31.81 million and Russia 29.79 million.

Turkey ranks 11th on the list with over 29.70 million doses, followed by Indonesia, Spain and Canada.

The Seychelles Islands in East Africa is the country that gave the highest dose relative to the population, with 136.74 doses per 100 people.

Most COVID-19 vaccines are given in two doses, so the number of doses given is not the same as the number of people who are fully vaccinated.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the pandemic has claimed over 3.69 million lives in 192 countries and territories around the world since December 2019, with more than 171.71 million cases reported worldwide.

The United States, India and Brazil are the most affected countries in terms of pollution and deaths.

*Translated from English by Mourad Belhajo

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