More than 11 thousand cases in Britain: This is the record after 19 February. Scotland reopening postponed due to delta version

Matt Hancock, the minister Health, data was defined on covid “Encouraging” despite increase in cases linked to spread of diversity delta, adding that the country is “on track” to lift all remaining restrictions for COVID-19 on 19 July. Then, soon after, the data on fingering and the victims SARS-CoV-2 In the last 24 hours: 11,625 new cases, a record number since February 19, and 27 deaths (within 28 days after a positive test), peaking since May 5, though partly from the delayed recovery of data related to the weekend There is a burden, the statistical collection of which is spread over several days.

focuses on fear Type delta, formerly in India, resulting in an increase in infections State United and assured Governmenton the pressure of experts and in the scientific community, to postpone for four weeks the lifting of restrictions introduced with the pandemic England. Here the acceleration of cases produced by the delta version is currently settled at around 30% per week, whereas Scotland Reached 40%: The one percent that caused first minister local government, nicola sturgeon, to formalize today the alignment announced earlier with the decisions taken by the Central Government for the English Zone. boris johnson On the postponement of the next phase of easing of the residual restrictions of the lockdown in the northern nation of the state before the second half of July from the end of June.

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