‘More fear and stress, less trust in government’ • GGD directors carefully consider vaccine dates

There is a lack of understanding in the House of Representatives about the date of vaccination elected. The first vaccination will take place on January 8, 2021, when the Bioentech / Pfizer vaccine is approved by the European Medicine Agency on Monday. Many European Union countries want to start before the beginning of the year.

But in the Netherlands, there are still many things to be done, such as creating a medical guideline by RIVM, testing IT systems and creating call scripts for GGD employees at call centers. Many parties feel that the ministry has started late with preparations and does not understand that computer systems still need to be tested, as Health Minister De George says.

“How difficult can IT systems be tested?” He thinks that tomorrow the minister should put the “best people” together to start fast. PVV leader Wilders thinks De Jong is “fumbling” and talks of “amateurishness”. “I can only conclude that the Netherlands is lagging again.”

SP and GroenLinks think this is urgent, as the caretakers are already overburdened. The parties do not understand what is wrong with the organization, as the GGD have known for months that a vaccine is coming. “Everything must be ready,” says Groverlinks leader Klaver.

Coalition parties also wonder if vaccination may not have started earlier. The parties understand that De Jange wants to deal with it carefully, but still wants to know if some steps cannot be taken any faster. “Can’t we start in advance, for example, a pilot?”, VKD party president Dijakhoff wants to know. The administration can be resolved later.

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Kristenuni thinks the approach seems “cumbersome”. CU leader Caesar fears that the administrative process will slow down. The ruling party CDA also does not fully understand what is happening between December 24 and January 4. “Can’t we start fast?”

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