More and more countries are considering a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Beijing Winter Olympics ,
Will the participating countries send political representatives to the Beijing Olympics in February 2022? Nothing is less certain… | Source: Getty Images

As the Beijing Winter Olympics (Olympic Games) in February 2022 approach, more countries are considering a diplomatic boycott of the Games (led by the United States) as allegations of human rights abuses against China rise. As part of the diplomatic boycott, countries will send athletes to compete, but no government officials will be involved.

US President last week Joe Biden said that United States of america Diplomats were considering a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which prompted many of its allies to follow the US example and consider taking coordinated action.

Ale’Australia Beijing is also considering a diplomatic boycott of the next Winter Olympics, but “Biden waits first for government decision”, reported Sydney Morning Herald,

A Canadian official told CTV News on Saturday 20 November that Canada Discusses a diplomatic boycott with his “closest partners”. ,

NS UK Took “no decision” on a possible boycott.

Gabriel LandsbergisThe Lithuanian foreign minister called for “a certain level of coordination” between European Union (EU) member states and “transatlantic countries”. In addition, the Lithuanian minister announced that he does not think political leaders “want to go” to the Winter Olympics in Beijing. In the end, he suspects the Chinese government will “accept” some officials.

China is in the limelight after several allegations of serious human rights violations. “Clear and Concrete” Evidence of Genocide by the Chinese Government Against Uighurs This is nothing new, but the recent disappearance of the tennis star peng shui Made international headlines and criticized China’s authoritarian government again. The tennis player disappeared from the public eye this month after accusing a senior Chinese official of sexual harassment before her photos and videos surfaced in the Chinese state press. Peng Shuai’s condition is a cause of great concern in the tennis world, which is concerned for the former player’s safetyhey 1 worldwide. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) conducted a video call with Peng Shuai on Monday 22 November to allay apprehensions about the player’s well-being. This appeal has left many observers dissatisfied. non profit organization Human Rights Watch Important that this call showed that the IOC was “desperate”. […] Whatever the human cost, to keep the Games on track. ,

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Whether or not countries decide to boycott altogether already For the Beijing winter and not sending athletes, a complete boycott of the Olympics is rare. The United States boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics along with 65 nations. The Soviet Union then boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Translated from Forbes US – Author: Derek Saul

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