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As in France, the British are outnumbered for adopting a pet during confinement. As a result, British companies increasingly allow their employees to come with their dog or cat.

In the middle of London (United Kingdom), Michelle Hammond Goes to work with his little dog every day. This HR consultant at Mother Agency doesn’t plan on parting with her all day. “I don’t have a garden in my apartment, so I wouldn’t chip in if the office wasn’t so welcoming“, she explains.

Employees at this advertising agency have been allowed to come with their dogs for many years. They are outnumbered since the pandemic: about fifteen out of 300 employees. After imprisonment, the number of dogs increased from 50 to 70%. we can see that there are a lot of puppies“, confirms communications director Tom Wong. The idea is attracting more and more companies to the United Kingdom: they will now have more than a third to accept pets. Employees will be able to return to work in the office. Also a way to encourage.

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