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as if COVID-19, Not yet defeated, another epidemic broke out: it’s monkeypox or monkeypox, as they call it in the UK. Here, as acknowledged by the British Health Minister Matt Hancock, first two cases were registered: both, of Nationality not disclosed, received proper treatment and was admitted to a hospital in North Wales. One of the two is still hospitalized. for both Transition took place outside British borders And so it cannot be ruled out that the virus travels, just like Covid-19.

The revelation came during a briefing on the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic: Matt Hancock He illustrated a list of active viruses, using the term “outbreak” in relation to monkeypox.


Congo: 220 cases of monkeypox in less than a month

Monkeypox: what is “monkeypox”

The monkeypox virus, which was first identified in the Congo in 1970, is not easily contagious, but it has a very serious effect on people who contract it. The WHO states that it is caused by consumption of rats, various rodents, small wild mammals in general, or uneaten meat. Early symptoms include fever, muscle and back pain, headache, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue. The mortality rate in Africa is around 10% and there is no specific treatment for the disease.

Cases had already been reported in England in 2018.


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