Monkey Pox: Ministry of Health took the lead

By mohammed yunsi 05/20/2022 at 7:59 PM.

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Kiosk360. Following the discovery of monkeypox in Britain, Portugal and Spain with several suspected cases in humans, the Department of Health and Social Care implemented a proactive approach. Where does this virus come from? Details in this press review from the daily Al newspaper.

Recently discovered in Great Britain before appearing in Portugal, Spain and France, the monkeypox virus has caused health alerts in Morocco. Indeed, the Ministry of Health and Social Security has just put in place a surveillance and health alert plan to estimate and protect the population.

According to Dainik Jagran al-akhbari, which examines this topic in its edition for the weekend of May 21 and 22, The Directorate of Epidemiology and Disease Control is coordinating with the regional directorates of the Ministry of Health to set up a surveillance. The aim is to avoid any contamination from European countries, especially with the approach of the “Marhaba 2022” operation, preparations for which have already been started.

Smallpox, points out Daily, “remains rare and not very contagious among humans and usually clears up on its own in a few weeks”. But a health alert has been issued in the affected countries. Symptoms of this viral disease, continuing the same source, typically revolve around “fever, headache, muscle aches, back pain and fatigue”.

Several countries, where Moroccan citizens are settled, have recorded confirmed cases and other suspects. It explains the Vigilance and Surveillance Plan formulated by the Ministry of Health and Social Security to combat this infectious disease. This virus, in the end daily adds up, knows no bounds.

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After Europe, cases have been identified in Canada, the daily reports. After the discovery of two confirmed infections, many people, especially in Quebec, are under control. Let us tell you that in a few days this viral disease has engulfed many countries. It has challenged healthcare services around the world.

by Muhammad Yunusi

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