Mongolian drama “Women” to be performed at Pune International Film Festival

The 19th edition of the Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) is set to open with the Mongolian drama film “Women”. The festival will take place from 11 to 18 March and will be both online and offline.

The Festival jury selected fourteen films to compete in the international section of the festival. The film list was announced at the last press conference in Pune.

The director of the celebration, Drs. Jabbar Patil announced the names of the films in the international competition categories and the names of the jury members who will review the films this year. He also announced seven films that would compete in the films Marathi and Marathi (non-competitive category).

“As the jury is an important part of the festival, this year eight members of the jury from all over the world will review the films,” said Jabbar Patel.

Attending the conference were Amit Tyagi, Assistant Director of MIT School of Film and Television, Samar Nakhat, Creative Director of PIFF, Satish Alkar and Drs. Mohan Agashi, Trustee of PIFF, and Abhit Randev, Head of Creative Department and Member of Film, Selection Committee, Part of PIFF. .

PIFF Deputy Director Vishal Shinde reported on the online screening of the film. He said: “A total of 26 films will be shown online and this year we will use a reliable overseas platform called Shift72 which has previously been used at international film festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Toronto. Viewers can only log in from one device. Movies shown daily will be available to online viewers at any time for a period of 24 hours and a link will be sent to the registered audience in their email, the identity of the viewer will be registered and there will be no risk of downloading or recording Movies. India uses this secure platform to watch movies. ”

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Names of films in global competition

1. When the wind falls (Director – Nora Martirosyan, France, Armenia, Belgium)

2. In the Shadow (Director – (Erdem Tepe What Uz, Turkey)).

3. Large Print (Director – Radu Bhagavan, Romania).

4. General Offenses (Director – Francisco Marquez, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, UK)

5. The Extra-Terrestrial (Director – Nader Safar, Iran)

6- Kala Azar (Director – Janice Rafa, Holland, Greece)

7. True Mothers (Director – Naomi Kawase, Japan)

8th Night of the Kings (Director – Philippe Lakhot, France, Canada, Senegal)

9. Russian Death (Director – Vladimir Mirzov, Russia)

10. Dear Comrades (Director – André Konchalovsky, Russia)

11. Charlatan (Manager – Agnieszka Holland, Czech Republic, Poland)

12. Best Family (Director – Javier Fuentes – Leon, Colombia, Peru)

13 – Isaac (director Jurgis Matulevius, Lithuania)

14.12 * 12 (Direktor – Gaurav Madan, Indien)

The names of the jury are as follows:
1. Gorji Baron (film critic, Hungary)

2 – Mania Akbari (Director, Iran)

3 – Lisa Ray (Actress, Canada)

4. Long Dinh Dong (Producer, Writer, Filmmaker, Vietnam)

5 – Andrei Cusack (Director, Slovenia)

6 – Goran Radovanovi (Writer and Director, Serbia)

7. Ein Srikar Prasad (Editor, India)

8 – Suman Mukhubadhyay (Filmmaker, India)

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