Mom made a 13-hour drive to get her 9-year-old daughter vaccinated against Kovid

Alice Colombo walks the distance between Maidstone, Kent and Milan to protect “the most precious thing in the world”. His 9-year-old daughter, of Italian descent.

she drove for 1,200 kms. more than To make sure the 9-year-old daughter was given covid vaccine 19, As reported by the BBC, Alice Colombo traveled the distance between Maidstone, Kent and Milan to protect “the most precious thing in the world”. The girl is of Italian descent. “I take a chance with a vaccine, about which we still know a lot less about a virus than we know even less about it,” the woman said.

“Why don’t I protect the most precious thing in the world For me, my daughter, instead of taking the risk that in five, 10, 15 years, she will tell me: ‘Mom, I have a heart problem, I have a brain problem, I have a lung problem, because you haven’t got everything’. Is it possible to protect me at that time’?”

According to Alice, The trip to Italy lasted 13 hours, The woman chose to drive rather than take a plane to reduce the risks associated with potential gatherings. The COVID vaccine is currently available for children under the age of 12 United Kingdom But only if they fall in the fragile category. In our country, however, all minors between the ages of 5 and 11 can be given the Anti-Coronavirus Serum manufactured by Pfizer. The British government has yet to make a decision on vaccinating school children and said it would comment on the matter at an appropriate time.

Alice said she was in favor of expanding the UK’s vaccination program children under 12 years old, “I feel so incredibly sorry for all the other parents who share my opinion and want to get their kids vaccinated,” she said.

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