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Prime Minister Boris Johnson explained that “as a precaution”, and for three weeks, the rules for entering Great Britain would be changed. Reimposed the obligation to wear masks in shops and on public transport. “Critical Third Dose”

British Premier boris johnson, in a much-awaited press conference hours after the two cases were discovered Variant Omron
In the country, he explained that his government will adopt a new strategy – which will be implemented for at least three weeks – to counter a variant whose “much is not known at the moment”, but which appears to be “Very Contagious” he is able “spread” even among people who have received two doses of the vaccine,

Johnson explained that, as a precaution, new restrictions will be imposed for all those who wish to enter the UK: A molecular swab done within the second day of admission, And thiscompulsion to isolate up to the negative consequence of the same; Isolation for 10 days for anyone who has been in contact with a suspected Omicron type case, regardless of the number of vaccinations received.

The government will then emphasize on increasing protection against the virus: the third dose of vaccine, is important because “higher levels of antibodies should be able to protect against this new variant”, and its more widespread use mask, with himResumption of compulsion for shops and public transport,

Johnson explained that the version was “different” from those that preceded it and – flanked by two prominent British experts, Sir Patrick Vallance I Chris Whitty – He also provided details that advance the understanding that there is, for the time being, a little-known variant, although declared “alarming” by the World Health Organization.

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“We don’t know how effective vaccines will be against Omicron,” he explained, “but they will provide some degree of protection, and it’s important that everyone gets vaccinated.”

Whitty explained that – based on the number of variants in Omicron – ‘it is’ It is reasonable to assume that this type is able, in part, to evade vaccination coverage.», and for this it is necessary to increase it with the third dose.

“We need to protect the progress we’ve made so far, and I’m sure this Christmas will be much better than last Christmas,” Johnson said.

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