Moderna to build RNA vaccine factory in Africa

Posted on October 7, 2021 at 8:00am.

NGOs have previously criticized laboratories for providing COVID vaccines to developed countries and for not transferring their technology to countries in the south, preventing them from making their own vaccines. Moderna takes another approach, deciding to build its factory on the African continent as it continues to expand its capabilities.

“Our goal, from this production site, will be to supply the entire continent with vaccines against COVID 19, but not only”, pointed out the owner of the American laboratory, “Echos”, “Ecos”, Stefan Bunsell.

$500 million investment

Moderna is actually developing various vaccines based on its RNA technology, which are likely to be of interest to Africa, especially a combined vaccine against various respiratory diseases as well as against tropical diseases such as Zika or HIV-AIDS. Many comments. The company is also doing more preliminary work on dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever vaccines.

“This factory, which will be built on the model of Norwood near Boston, will represent an investment of $500 million”, indicates the French leader. It will be able to produce the raw material for 500 million vaccines dosed at 50 micrograms each year. Packaging and packaging will also be done on site, until Moderna finds a nearby production facility capable of performing these tasks.

country is yet to be elected

“At this stage of project progress, we have not yet chosen in which country we are going to set up this plant,” explains Stefan Bansel. Knowing that this type of investment is destined to last several decades, we are looking for a politically stable country, with industrial and transport infrastructure and respect for the law. “

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By the end of 2021, Moderna will have 11 subsidiaries worldwide and partners in Israel, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia. The company currently produces products in the United States and Europe thanks to its partner Lonza, Takeda in Japan, and Samsung in South Korea. She plans to build her factory in Canada. By 2021, Moderna will have produced 1 billion doses and has a target of 2 to 3 billion doses in 2022.

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