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Although Nintendo made it very clear in its recent live presentation that “no game content will be displayed”, there was Something Super Mario creator Shigeru Miamomoto has released new staff from the “development team”.

One of these items was a toy called Tokotoko Mario and it will be exclusive to Super Nintendo World. Mario’s father gave a brief overview of the item during a 15-minute livestream and mentioned how the team enjoyed making such items in addition to its regular video game releases.

Here are some exclusive Super Mario products that can only be purchased here. I want to show you one of those items – a special toy made by the Nintendo development team.

It’s here. It’s called Tokotoko Mario. Mario starts walking when you push him sideways. No battery is required. Developer teams paid attention to him when creating his movesets.

In addition to video games, the development team is really enjoying creating items of life. We hope you like it.

So, yeah … if you thought Nintendo’s “development team” was late – they’ve been making new Mario toys for Super Nintendo World. In fact, there will be two types, as shown on Nintendo’s Japanese website. Watch the presentation to see the toy speed.

In an interview with Famitsu earlier this year, Miyamoto said he wanted Nintendo characters (including Mario) to go beyond a variety of video games and give people more opportunities to interact with these characters on a larger scale than usual.

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When the Super Nintendo World opens its doors in Japan on February 4, 2021, the Tokotoko Mario 1-UP will be available from the factory. Leave a comment below.

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