Mitt Romney is now the only GOP voice who wants to resist Trump

When the party became the standard holder and presidential candidate, Romney found himself at a time when he was a man on the island, often one of the only members of the GOP who criticized President Donald Trump for the public due to his inability to combine tone, tweets and the country.
But after George Floyd’s death and calls for police reform and equal justice erupted, Romney seemed more incapable of ever than stepping on the party line or keeping quiet. During the weekend, Romney walked with protesters in Washington, and tweeting what he said to tweet: “Black life is important.” Recently, the senator refused to say whether he would support Trump for re-election in November.

Romney considers his father’s legacy as Michigan’s governor in the late 1960s, but says the events of the past few weeks left him to think more like Americans.

“Obviously, I state that black life is important,” Romney told reporters in a broad interview Monday evening, Romney told reporters. “If there is injustice, we want to correct it. If there is bias, we want to change it. If there is bias, we hope to give people a different perspective.”


In the past few weeks, Romney’s little challenging actions against President’s words or tweets were more than a reaction to Floyd’s death.

In May, Romney said he had found the US test record at a hearing on the coronavirus – something that Trump boasted over and over again – “there is nothing to celebrate”.
GOP agents worried Trump will lose both presidential and Senate majority

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough tweeted “enough” last month, after Trump repeatedly developed a conspiracy theory about the death of an assistant who once worked for the former congressman. Romney went to the microphones on Tuesday when Trump tweeted a report that proved that a police-knocked protester was an Antifa member in Buffalo, New York, and told reporters on Capitol Hill that the tweet was “shocking”. Most of his Republican colleagues listened to the tweet. or refused to listen.

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“I saw the tweet. It was a shocking thing to say, and I will not honor another comment,” said Romney.

Lawmakers and deputies close to senators argue that their final statement is not new or climber. They say that the young senator from Utah always promises to speak against President’s decisions when he does not agree. After all, he was one of Trump’s heaviest critics in 2016.

Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito from West Virginia told CNN about Romney: “Everyone should be allowed to speak his mind. “I think Mitt has very good friends in our conference. … Even though it’s hard to think that people say things you disagree with, or maybe it’s wrong to say … we still respect his service and vision for years.”

Romney’s confrontation with Trump has come in many forms over the years, from bubble speech to heated op-eds, including one he published in 2019. Hotels in Washington Post “president” [had] Romney disappointed in February when his GOP colleagues crossed the corridor and the Democrats in the vote to dismiss Trump during the dismissal case. The Republicans detonated Romney to message Trump’s inevitable acquittal and not to stand up to them.
A GOP senator then said to CNN, “I’ll give it to him: a professional presentation.” “Not very professional, but very professional.”

Recently, Romney said that he helped work with the crafts legislation to restrain police brutality with colleagues. While many Republicans did not want to comment on Trump’s criticism, they claimed that Romney emerged as a legislative partner.

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“He is ready to deal with the major issues affecting the country,” said Senator Tim Scott, a major effort to take over policing from South Carolina. Said. “We have to welcome every senator who wants to be part of the solution. That’s good news. I think self-awareness is also a good thing, but he’s trying to make a difference and I think he should be a fan of it.”

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