Mitsuyo Okada living in “Trump America” ​​was a teardrop on a bloody bar, the Capitol a battleground: J-Cast News[पूर्ण पाठ]

In front of the US Capitol where the occupation and invasion incident occurred, I cannot stop a woman’s tears while listening to people singing American songs.

When I asked, “Why are you crying?”, The woman shook her voice and said, “I feel angry and have all kinds of thoughts. Why did this happen? Inside the Capitol?” Then, something unimaginable is happening here. “

  • The Capitol also had “Hinomaru” in the possession of Capitol supporters (photo by author on January 6, 2021).

  • In the capitol occupied by Capitol supporters

The supporters who went to the Capitol before the President’s call

On January 6, 2021, a large rally of Trump supporters was protesting the “injustice” of the US presidential election and a march to the Capitol took place in the capital, Washington. He entered Washington on the 5th and acted with him.

The article continued after “That Capital Occupation Case followed a Gentle March” published on January 9, and was titled by supporters for “Country for this Country”, published on January 10. Does not focus on the inside of the Capitol, which is not widely reported in Japan, but on campus.

The mass rally was held at a site set up in a square near the Washington Memorial Tower. President Trump referred to the march to the Capitol several times at the end of his speech, but many began walking towards Capitol, which was about a 20-minute walk before he could say it.

One of them, Chris (69), was unemployed, but on his own, he changed trains and buses and traveled from California to the US for two days.

“Trump did not inspire us to attend the rally. It was planned for some time. It was windy, cold and shivering, and I did not come to hear Trump’s story. State by state. I wanted to sue That we stole our vote by marching from the Capitol, which was about finding the result of the electors’ vote. “

When I climbed high and took pictures, many marching people got up and waved smiling.

“Something unimaginable is happening inside the Capitol.”

By the time I arrived at the Capitol, Trump supporters had occupied the Capitol building, and the grounds were filled with supporters. “TRUMP 2020” and large flags of stars and stripes are fluttering here and there.

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He sang “Hum, People!”, “USA!”, Etc. and sang “Stars and Stripes, Forever” and “Amazing Grace”. … The sound was loud but the atmosphere was peaceful, and I was shooting smiling, holding my mobile phone.

A white woman in her twenties says, “I am very happy to be here all along. It is an incredible experience,” he said with joy. A man wearing a costume has been walking around with a drum since the time of the freedom struggle.

Most people wore the usual outfits of yarn caps, parkers, jeans and thick jackets, but some were members of helmets, bulletproof dresses and fully armed outfits “Mirikia”.

One of them was a former Army soldier in North Carolina who said to me, “I am ready to fight to reclaim my country.”

Eventually, information arrived that “some supporters have attacked the Capitol, causing confusion to the police.” Due to the large number of people, mobile phones cannot connect, and it is not possible to check what is happening inside the SNS.

The woman in front of me has wiped tears after listening to people singing American songs in high spirits. When I asked, “Why are you crying?”, The woman shook her voice and said, “I’m getting angry and have all kinds of thoughts. I’m proud to be here.” I saw what was inside the building. Why did this happen? We had to do this to hear our voice. Inside the Capitol. There’s something I can’t imagine here, “he cried.

More and more people suffer from teargas that hurt their eyes, those who wear bloody bandages around their heads, and those who are carried out are lying. Suddenly, the tension of being at the forefront of the battlefield spread.

A man who came out of the building said, “We are losing in number. Armed man, go in!” In her twenties a woman, who looks like a normal man, tried to go upstairs, so the man stopped, but she ran away saying, “I’ll fight too!”.

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The truth is unknown whether “antifa” was mixed in

Finally, while we were outside, we were suffocated by the disturbances shot by the police, and we heard shouting from place to place, “Get away from the building!” And “Get your children and women off campus first!” There was also information that “state soldiers are coming to suppress it.”

From time to time, my cell phone looks connected, and intermittent messages from friends and acquaintances living in New York and California asking about my safety appear on the screen.

An emergency warning was repeatedly displayed on the screen, stating that “Washington Mayor Muriel Bauser banned going out from 7pm to 6pm.”

The sound of a grenade can be heard from inside the Capitol, and the flash illuminates the Capitol violently and violently.

Some of those who entered the Capitol Ground have supporters who marched through a large protest rally. Only a few supporters who entered the complex further attacked the interior.

Later, supporters around him chanted “Antifa!” And “Antifa!” Shouted, who tried to break the glass, and a man wearing a red hat supporting Trump put him down. I saw it in the video.

It is reported that this is “fake news”, which members of the leftist movement organization “Antifa” violently blamed President Trump and mixed in protests against racial discrimination, etc., but pictures suspected of his involvement There is also information, which may become clear in the future.

“What did we get from doing this?”

Chris, who arrived by train and bus from California, marched to the Capitol, as mentioned earlier. However, he learned that there were people who barged into the building and exited there. He then called those coming to the Capitol, “Don’t break into the building.”

“The media blames Trump for the incident. We are responsible adults. We acted on our own initiative. It is strange to blame Trump. Don’t break the law. Don’t do it.” So what did we get? “Trump supporters are animals,” the media wrote, and they were simply being looked down upon more and more, and that’s what happened. “

Trump supporters strongly believe that there was “injustice” in the presidential election.

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Amanda from Alabama, whom I met at the rally on January 5, mentioned in a previous article, she said, “If Byen is elected president in a fair election, I respect that and of course, my president As I support it. But it was President Trump who won. Despite all the evidence of fraud, the media and the judiciary are working together to pull Trump down. Why can’t we see the truth? “

An elder in the Capitol grounds tweeted to me.

“I am accused of fraud all the time. I have taken legal steps, but all avenues have been closed.”

What on earth did they want to do in Washington? No matter how much you scream locally for the injustice of the presidential election, it will not reach the capital Washington. We had no choice but to gather at the Capitol to express their views directly from Diet members, and ask for a number to appeal to everyone.

This “pure idea,” however, has been retaliatory, rather than reaching national affairs, due to some radical behavior.

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