Missouri woman apologizes to BLM supporter for praising ‘KKK belief’

A Missouri woman apologized for telling a Black Lives Matter supporter she intended to transfer her bigotry to her grandchildren – she claims she doesn’t remember commenting.

Kathy Jenkins hugged the Confederate flag on Sunday and got caught in the camera that praised the “KKK faith” at the Black Lives Matter rally outside the Dixie Outfitters store in Branson.

“I will teach my demonstrating grandchildren to hate all of you,” Jenkins said to a demonstrator during a heated change.

Jenkins said on Wednesday that he lost his job and left Branson. Called to KOLR10 published a newsroom and an apology.

“I’m very, very sorry,” he said to the exit. “I mean, if it helped me to stand with Black Lives Matter, I would definitely do.”

Jenkins, who met with around 50 counter-protesters, allegedly unintentionally resulted in a group supporting the Confederate flag on Wednesday.

For the first time, he said to a rally, first as a spectator, before he gave the flag that was supposed to be unity.

Before his statements on the camera, Jenkins claimed that he chanted the Black Lives Matter to the station.

“I didn’t say anything until I came to my face… It was as if I was black. I don’t even remember I said half of what I said. ”

Faith Pittser, the organizer of the Black Lives Matter rally, did not buy Jenkins’ claims on Sunday.

“He knew exactly what he was doing. In addition to the protesters, he started shouting obscene and hateful words to our protesters, ”said Pittser to KOLR10.

“I think he claims he doesn’t know what the Confederate flag is and what it represents,” the organizer wrote.

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