Minneapolis PD arson suspect ID with security cameras, Snapchat

Federal prosecutors said on Tuesday that a man from Minnesota, who was charged with torturing a Minneapolis police during the protests of George Floyd, was caught in his surveillance video and his own Snapchat account.

22-year-old Dylan Robinson was spotted in the video throwing a Molotov cocktail and burning a fire inside the police station in Mary 28. criminal complaint Unsealed at a federal court in Colorado, where he was arrested and arrested on Tuesday

In another video, Robinson said that he burned a Molotov cocktail for a second protester and that was thrown into the building.

In a post on his Snapchat account, “Robinson wrote several comments, including” These guys never did Molotov “. Rookies, ” he said. “We need Gas Gas.”

According to prosecutors, another Snapchat video later posted on Facebook shows that Robinson lit a fire outside the first floor stairwell in the station house.

Images were between hours of social media photos and videos reviewed by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives after a riot from the death of Minneapolis police of May 25’s death.

The decisions said that after the mother of a former classmate was recognized in the images posted by the authorities, they received help to get to know Robinson. Investigators were able to verify their identity from officials at the Pillager District Rental School in Pillager, Minnesota.

He then “pinged” his mobile phone, which made him flee to the scene and to Colorado’s Breckenridge. US Marshals Service. He was charged with charity and arson on Tuesday.

The complaint, Robinson, from Brainerd, Minnesota, said he was facing charges of probation violations in his hometown to flee from the state and not to report it to the probation officer before fleeing the state.

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The second police officer assigned to the police station in the fire forced the police to flee the area.

In the incident that took place on June 23, Branden Wolfe was accused of arson and accused of rolling a burning barrel to the building during the uprising.

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