Minneapolis City Council approves injunction against police

The Minneapolis City Council issued a restrictive order against the city’s police department at an afternoon meeting.

“We can’t let George Floyd’s death be in vain,” a commissioner said. Said.

The restraining order is temporary and will need the judge’s approval before it can enter into force.

The Emir prohibits police officers from using it by the police, and also requires the police to use and interfere with the banned practice.

In addition, the Minneapolis police chief, in turn, should allow the use of crowded control weapons, such as rubber bullets and tear gas.

The order also requires timely disciplinary decisions and allows civilian control of bodycam images.

“This is a moment when we can completely change the way our police department works,” said Mayor Jacob Frey. Said.

“We can do it right now,” Frey said there were difficulties making such changes in the past.

In orderThe city council, taken by CNN, said it hopes to build “towards systematic change”.

Minneapolis civil rights director Velma Korbel said he hopes that “the state legislature will be forced to act, change the laws that require the city for deep systemic change, and that the society has been demanding for decades”.

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