Ministry of Justice sues blocking all the book told by John Bolton

Ministry of Justice filed an application a federal case Against John Bolton on Tuesday to try to prevent the publication and sale of the narration of the new White House, claiming that the memories of the former National security advisor contain confidential information that cannot be made public.

“This is a legal action by a former National Security Consultant for the United States, John R. Bolton, to prevent concessions from national security by publishing a book containing confidential information – by clearly violating agreements signed as a condition of employment and high Read the beginning of the 27-page court filed to the U.S. District Court in DC, as a condition of accessing highly classified information and explicitly violating the trust held by the U.S. Government.

Bolton left the White House last September after clashing with the president about his policies on Ukraine, North Korea and Iran.

In the beginning of 2020, he hoped to publish the book “The Room He Was”.

However, numerous and continuous investigations were made by the National Security Council for confidential information and the date was pushed back to June 23.

“This is the book that Donald Trump didn’t want you to read. Until now, there was no detailed internal account of how this president made daily decisions. ” Publisher Simon & Schuster claimed last week. “The house claims that when Trump’s Ukrainian-like transitions are present in all its foreign policy, it has committed a criminal offense by narrowly focusing its prosecutions on Ukraine.”

In a letter he wrote to Bolton’s lawyers not to be published by the Associated Press, the White House assistant lawyer John Eisenberg said: “The National Security Affairs, unauthorized disclosure of confidential information in this administration, as we should be as aware of the assistant’s assistant as foreigners, it can be exploited by a force, thereby causing significant damage to the US national security. “

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Trump said on Monday that every speech he made as president – a comment critic was questioned – and threatened charges against Bolton.

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