Minimize errors in quantum computers

Quantum computers, just like the computers we use every day, are prone to bugs. The Google team tested a technique to fix these errors, the results of which were published in nature.

quantum supremacy

Quantum computer works from quantum bits, qubits. As quantum objects, these can exist simultaneously in many different “states”. Especially thanks to this ability, quantum computers will be able to solve very complex problems, with many variables, in a short time. It has that it exceeds a conventional computer, which would not be able to complete the same task in a reasonable amount of time. This is called quantum supremacy. Thus, in 2019, Google announced that its computer could in just three minutes achieve a problem that would take a classic computer 10,000 years to solve.

sensitive qubits

But the problem with these qubits is that they are very sensitive to their surroundings. A vibration, a modification of the magnetic field, radiation of hot objects can disturb them. This can then lead to a loss of their quantum behavior. This is what drives them to make mistakes. However, scientists are forced to interact with qubits to give them tasks to perform. Which can annoy them too.

To be able to use a quantum computer, it is necessary to be able to correct these errors. Google engineers have thus far tested a solution, which involves repeating the same information on multiple qubits at the same time. This makes it possible to protect if ever a qubit is faulty, and therefore to reduce the error rate at the output. This technique is yet to be perfected, as it does not allow all possible errors to be taken into account. Sleep, “It is necessary to control the qubits perfectly to be able to perform the calculations expected from a quantum computer”, explains Anthony Levrier, researcher in quantum information theory at INRIA Paris, to the journal Research. That’s why scientists focus their attention on fixing errors before increasing the power of these computers. To learn more about this quantum computer error correction technique, see the full article on the magazine’s website Research.

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