Millions of Android smartphones fell victim to fraudulent apps

A new Trojan has been discovered hidden in over a hundred apps on the Android Play Store. It has already claimed over ten million victims worldwide by abusing the SMS payment system.

Google has greatly improved Play’s security Shop Android in recent years, but still, criminals are always looking for new ways to get through it. a new campaign like this fraudulent application managed to kill at least ten million people and steal several hundred million euros.

The case was discovered by a cyber security company zimperium, who named this attack Grifthorse. According to experts, since November 2020, it is creating a ruckus in more than 70 countries. After installation, i application bombards the user with information that he has won a prize and needs to be confirmed TELEPHONE to obtain it. The victim is then registered for a premium SMS service with monthly billing in excess of EUR 30 per month.

A Trojan Horse With Monthly Subscription

The victim does not realize the cost, and therefore a scam, before consulting your bank statement. Thus, offenders may, in some cases, continue to receivePennies during the months. they bypass the security of Google Using an in-app browser, which displays a page in the local language. The researchers emphasized the quality of the page written without spelling mistakes, unlike most scams. Furthermore, criminals used different addresses for each application so as not to create suspicion.

Overall, Zimperium lists 136 . Is fraudulent application Whose names were given to Google, who removed them from the Play Store. Apparently it’s still safer to download, despite the still imperfect security Application From play store and not from third party stores where fake grifthorse apps are still available.

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