Miley Cyrus loved being humiliated by Cher

Miley Cyrus admitted that she likes being humiliated by her counterpart Cher.

The Sky Believe ‘singer surpassed the night midnight Sky’ singer after her provocative performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Cher has sharply criticized the 27-year-old star after robbing him in front of Robin Thicke.

The 74-year-old singer finally apologized shortly after on Twitter, stating that she was “embarrassed” by the comments she made. However, Miley did not take it the wrong way, instead claiming that at least she was paying attention to herself.

During a live with Billy Idol on the SiriusXM show, the American singer admitted, “A lot of people have said *** about my album and my work. When Cher started attacking me on Twitter, I was like, ‘At least he’s paying attention to me.’

She continued, “She was crazy because I was putting my tongue out and I was like, ‘Pu ****, Cher did my calculations, I got it.”

Cher later admitted that she regrets making negative comments on her compatriot’s performance.

Of her performance, she said: “It was bad in my opinion, but I am old-fashioned. She could come completely naked, only when she tore everything off. She doesn’t know how to dance Is, and the song is not great. And then stop getting your tongue out! “

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