Mike Pence says ‘All life matters’ when asked repeatedly that ‘Black life matters’

Pastor describes experiences of racism to Pence
“Let me tell George Floyd what happened is a tragedy,” said Pence. 6ABC Action News in Philadelphia when she asks if Black directly says it matters. “And in this nation, especially in June, we congratulate on the establishment of this nation, we appreciate the ideal of all of us being created equal and equiped with inalienable rights by our creator. And so they all live truly matter.”

The distinction between “black life item” and “whole life item” has emerged as a cultural dividing line between nationwide discussions on racial equality, which have been addressed in recent weeks. The term “black life item” has become widespread in recent years, especially as a way to draw attention to fatal encounters between Black Americans and the police.

“Forgive you for pressing this, sir,” said the anchor to Brian Taff Pence, “I will note that these words do not say ‘Black life is important’ and that there is an important distinction. All lives are important, but saying the words, Black is also it is an acceptance that it is important when it seems that our society has a disagreeable part. So why not say these words? “

Pence, “Well, Brian, I do not accept the fact that American society has a segment that does not agree with the value and importance of every human life.” Said. “And this is one of the reasons why we won’t stop there, advancing important reforms in law enforcement, as we seek ways to strengthen and improve our public security in our cities.”

Pence added that the management is determined to “definitely improve” the lives of African Americans, contributing to the development of pre-pandemic and economic “opportunity zones” in the black unemployment rate.

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“And yet one last time, you won’t say the words and we understand you explain,” Taff replied.

Trump video of the parent's 'manipulated' execution forces Facebook to remove
The vice president was also asked about a video by President Donald Trump on Twitter, labeled “manipulated media” by the social network.

“When you watch most of the national news media nowadays, Brian seems to focus more on what sets us apart in this country every day,” said Pence. Said. “And I think the President sees an opportunity to challenge the media narrative once again with a good sense of humor.”

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