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This weekend, the comedy-franchise actor talks about his “boss” Molire, 400 years old and in all his teeth, while the general secretary of the Elysee also celebrates the president of the republic. At the same time, octogenarian Bob Wilson always dances with ease, and ZZ Top’s seventies bearded bard, if there are only two left, doesn’t unplug his guitar.

Secretary General of the Elysee, the only one who “has no right to betray”

by Joseph Beauregard and Vincent Martigny (France, 2020, 60 minutes)

He is a man of shadow, but a very powerful man. His title: General Secretary of the Elysee. The seven former holders of the ceremony – of the twelve in practice since 1978, headed by Giscard d’Estaing, Mitterrand, Chirac, Sarkozy and Hollande – cast a veil on their vague and pervasive qualities, which, surprisingly, are not fixed in the official text. Without it. The only constant: a “Unbreakable Faith” Between the President and his “SG”.

For the general public who watches the news on television distractingly, is the person on the porch, who, after the presidential election, lists the names and titles of newly appointed members of the government. emotionless. A conscience imposed by protocol, which hides a man (never a woman) with unexpected powers. “He is the only ally of the President of the Republic who has no right to betray”, say the directors of this documentary. “When you look up to yourself, all you have is the president”, Pierre-René Lemas, who held office under François Hollande from 2012 to 2014, summarizes in one sentence, before Jean-Pierre Joyt became his successor. Katherine Packery

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“President’s Man”, by Joseph Beauregard and Vincent Martigny (France, 2020, 60 minutes). publicsenat.fr . Available at

For the 400th anniversary of “Boss”, the troupe of the Comédie-Française talks to Molire about Antoine de Cannes

Klena Klavran, Sullienne Brahim, Denis Podalides, Eric Roof, Marina Hands, Birane Ba, Antoine de Cannes,

Cléna Clavran, Sullienne Brahim, Denis Podalides, Erik Ruf, Marina Hands, Birane Ba, six members of the prestigious Comédie-Française, are invited to the table of Antoine de Cannes on the Canal+, established in October 1680 by royal order of Louis XIV. , The oldest – Denis Podalides and Eric Roof, general administrators of the Comédie-Française – explain with scholasticism and humor how this beautiful home celebrates 400 years of “The Boss”, Molire this year, in line with the troupe’s motto. Is. , at the same time and individually (“both together and by itself”).

And ” Organizers of this mess, as Eric Roof humorously defined himself, Remember that the Comédie-Française, with about nine hundred performances a year, never takes a break, except in August. that his sixty actors, from dusk to dawn, “Luck, Verbal Luxury, Boxing” Up to eight pieces were performed simultaneously on three Parisian stages (Richelieu, Vieux-Colombier, Studio-Theatre), with a repertoire of some 3,500 texts. A choice that is sometimes difficult to live with, testifies to Marina Hands who is currently playing in the original version of Elmaire Tartuff or hypocrite, Banned after the first performance in 1664, and staged today by Ivo van Hove. Emily Granger

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