Microsoft’s Halo and Minecraft’s Best Commercial Featured Dog

Microsoft had some memorable holiday ads for a few years, but this year is still the best because it features dogs. They are not just regular dogs. This puppy is a virtual almost running dream Minecraft World, play to bring in grenades for the master chief Hello, Even flying high Microsoft Flight Simulator The sky

“Dream of a Dog” features two dogs whose owners are distracted at home by distractions from the sport Hello, Engaged in work calls or artwork on Microsoft Teams Minecraft. If more dogs are part of video games or conference calls and start dreaming about possibilities, the rest is history. Check the response of the master chief when a dog brought a grenade, he threw it and returned it.

The response from the Master Chief is invaluable.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft creates holiday ads every year, but nothing could be more fun. Back in 2015 Microsoft got involved with Apple Store employees for some enthusiastic spirit and then in 2017, it tried to make 3D paint one thing with adorable monsters. This year, there is a shortage of dogs in video games.

Now we need more dogs Hello, Minecraft, And Fictional aviation Keep real Choose Happy.

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