Microsoft will make its Xbox Series X|S greener than ever

In an official blog post, Team Xbox reaffirms its ecological ambitions, clearly similar to those of Microsoft, namely to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. Thus, if gaming brings joy to players (and sometimes a little annoyance with Elden Ring), Xbox recognizes that gaming has an impact on our environment, too.

Towards a Greener Xbox Ecosystem

,By 2030, we will design Xbox products and accessories, and all Microsoft product packaging, to be 100% recyclable in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.Explains Microsoft. The US giant also indicates that this 2030 horizon will not be a clear path, but that the firm is determined to reduce its environmental impact in all areas of activity, in order to meet its objectives .

Regarding the Xbox Series S and Series X, Microsoft announced that it has integrated an improved power monitoring system into a small subset of consoles, to expand the collection of anonymous telemetry data in the field. ,This is important because the precise range, per unit, helps us identify the best opportunities for future improvements that will help us save energy.Says Microsoft.

In addition, since late 2021, the Xbox Series S has become the first console to integrate post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) into the manufacturing of the case and various internal components. A minimum of 28% of the plastic in the updated Xbox Series S’s mechanical components comes from post-consumer recycled resin.

On the software side, Microsoft indicates that it has made various optimizations related to the energy saving mode of its Xbox. A mode that consumes about 20 times less energy than sleep mode when the console is not in use or receiving updates. Now, system and game updates can be downloaded in Power Saver mode, which is now the default setting on Xbox consoles.

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