Microsoft will hold a keynote address dedicated to its console on June 13

Xbox: June 13 as Keynote – Gecko

Now the appointment is fixed. Microsoft will unveil its Xbox excluded news during a 1.5-hour program on June 13.

The US veteran has confirmed the invitation to the press to hold a special showcase on the occasion of E3, during which it will present new productions from Xbox Games Studios and Bethesda Softworks.

Long awaited demo

The event will definitely be an opportunity to discover many of the much-awaited game demos, which of course include Hello infinite More likely Starfield, The next game from the creators of Controversy. There can also be many innovations out of which Forza Horizon 5, Which may take us to a tropical destination this time, the rumor uncovers an episode based in Mexico.

Updates to several already officially titled titles are also expected, particularly Perfect darkness, Fable, Forza motorsport or Decay condition 3. As the name of the event suggests, Bethesda Productions is not to be forgotten. Many new games can be presented during the event.

Should we expect surprises?

It is also not unlikely that Microsoft will announce new acquisitions during E3. At previous shows, the American giant had announced the acquisition of several studios, and rumors of new acquisitions have been circulating for some time – most notably the acquisition of a Polish studio and a Japanese studio.

Finally, GamePass should once again be the center of attention. It would not be surprising that many titles are included in the catalog during and especially during the event. Psychonauts 2, The new double fine game, is almost finished, which still does not have a release date.

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