Microsoft is developing technology to include ads in its games

Last summer, Electronic Arts once again attracted the wrath of gamers with the signing of a partnership with PlayerVone, a company specializing in the integration of advertising into video games. In recent months, several publishers have tried it. Such was the case with NBA 2K21 or even UFC 3 Ultimate Team, where we had the right to advertise pages between two loading screens.

Of course, the players didn’t appreciate the practice at all, and Electronic Arts was forced to refute the rumored partnership. Today, we learn that Microsoft is developing technology to include ads in its future games.

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Typically, the Xbox model is student. He is the one who always accompanies the players and takes the right decisions. Cross-platform, backward compatibility, smart-delivery or rejection of NFTs. For many years now, Phil Spencer’s teams have been impeccable and show that they listen to the players.

But this time we may have to face the first small gap from an American firm. Indeed, Kotaku has received a report saying that Microsoft is looking into an advertising program to allow “certain brands” to purchase ads that will then appear in Xbox free-to-play games. The American manufacturer nonetheless specifies in its report that these integrations “should not annoy players or disrupt the game”.

According to Business Insider, Microsoft is looking to integrate ads into a racing game or open-world adventure in the form of billboards presented digitally. At the moment we don’t know if the ads will be through images only or will they be videos with sound. However, the launch of this system is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022.

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