Microsoft Flight Simulator will require up to 150GB on Xbox Series X

As expected, the size of the installation Microsoft Flight Simulator The Xbox Series X and S are set to be huge. Flight Simulator, which is scheduled to land in 4K and 60 fps on Microsoft’s next-gen console, will occupy a maximum of 150GB on the disc.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator It’s finally set to land on Xbox Series X and Series S (and on Xbox Game Pass as well) on Tuesday, July 27, in just one week. But it plans to make some space on your console, as this juggernaut will occupy a minimum of 100 GB on two Xbox Series discs.

At least 100 GB is required to install Flight Simulator on Xbox Series

The news was announced by a Twitter user Idol Sloth. The latter displayed that if you choose ” Manage with Game Pass On the Xbox Store page of Microsoft Flight Simulator, this gives you the full install size of the game, i.e. 97.2 GB. And again, this space is only for the standard edition.

The suggested size of the Microsoft Store mentions that the game could actually fit up to 150 GB On Xbox Series X, but also on Xbox Series S. At the time of writing, we unfortunately still can’t pre-download the game. Actually, hitting the install button downloads just one file. 200 MB instead. So it is difficult to know whether this will happen or not.

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it is not surprising that Microsoft Flight Simulator There’s also the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in a big way because, a priori, the game will be just as beautiful on Microsoft’s new consoles as on the PC. After all, we are talking about a flight simulator that very faithfully reproduces the whole world, so it is normal that it takes place.

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If you are thinking of buying it for this summer it is better to save space now and make some room. Actually, remember that Microsoft Flight Simulator Debuts on Xbox Series on July 27, 2021.

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