Microsoft Edge and web address sharing, QR code feature comes

Microsoft Edge (Chromium) continues to develop. The latest version presented on Canary Channel introduces an innovation to make the sharing of a website address easier.

Since its launch, Microsoft Edge Chromium has benefited from significant development work. It improves performance, resolves weaknesses and enriches it with new features. One of the latest concerns is the sharing of websites through QR codes.

Microsoft Edge and QR Code

Microsoft is offering this tool in one of the latest versions released on the Canary Channel. The browser is equipped with a new functionality. This allows you to generate a QR code to quickly and easily share a web address with a mobile device.

QR Code – Wikipedia

A QR code, also known as a QR code (from English: Quick Response Code) is a type of two-dimensional barcode (or matrix code), made up of black colored modules, in a square in white. Is organized. The arrangement of these points defines the information contained in the code.

We are currently in an experimental setting. Microsoft wants to provide feedback before considering the publication “general public”. It will probably happen this year. Its operation is simple. This allows you to generate a QR code to share a web address with a mobile device.

Although it may sound a bit geeky, it is not. Just imagine sharing a complex, long and difficult address to type on a touchscreen. In this case, the business boils down to scanning the boiling QR code (taking a picture with the smartphone) and that’s it. It does not need to be sent via email, messaging app or any other communication app.

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This innovation is taking its first steps so that a little time is required before it comes to the “general public” version of Microsoft Edge.

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