Microsoft does not plan to announce any new games this month

Microsoft is not going to announce any new games at an online event this month, says Aaron Greenberg. This deposition begins with the leakage of the highly anticipated Alden ring. Some had already imagined that it was going to represent the big announcement of the Xbox catalog.

Alden Ring

Microsoft will not announce major new games this month. This is Exxon Marketing Director Aaron Greenberg. Who call it on their twitter account. A statement in response to an article by DualShocker discussing the possible presentation of the very mysterious Alden Ring at an online conference at the end of the month. However, the game has started leaking onto the net, although it has not been talked about for two years now.

It all started with a tweet from a Microsoft expert journalist, Paul Thurot, who often hits the mark. He confirmed that A. The Xbox event was going to be held on March 23. The Dual Shockers site added a layer specifying that the much-awaited Alden Ring was to be presented there, during this online conference. Aaron Greenberg therefore denies the presentation of the game or any other such special announcement, but remains clear at the conference itself. However, this does not mean that we should dispel all hope of seeing the Elden Ring soon…

“To keep the record straight: it won’t. There are a lot of things we’re working on, but we won’t be announcing any new games or boycotts of the world anytime soon.”

Alden ring starts leaking everywhere

As a reminder, Alden Ring is not a new game, Since it was announced in E3 2019 through a secret video. Since then, no further news. This is the new title from FromSoftware (Dark Souls, Sikiro, Bloodborne) set in a universe created by George RR Martin (Game of Thrones). A Support You Need.

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Although the Alden Ring will not be shown at a possible Xbox conference, there is no indication that we won’t be seeing it very soon. Actually, Game video starts leaking, Revealing of the universe and gameplay. The video is of very poor quality but exists. This could be an upcoming performance to our greatest delight. If it is not at Microsoft, it could be elsewhere, we take it anyway.

And you, are you looking forward to seeing Alden ring? Is this a game you’ve been waiting for? Tell us in the comments !

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