Microbiologists point out that the situation in Italy is different from that of the United Kingdom though

Vittorio Sambrik

with respect to the subject Delta Plus Variants Director of the Microbiology Operating Unit of the Single Laboratory of Pyvestina, Australia Vittorio Sambrik He is cautious: “Something is changing but It won’t be like the UK“. Basically the microbiologist explains that the Italian situation is different though from thatl united kingdom. alarm so yes but no alarm that screams panic approval With the position of the entire channel. subvariant Delta Income4.2 What alerts Great Britain and what has appeared in Israel must be monitored but with the right proportions.

Delta Plus, Vittorio Sambri: “It won’t be like the UK with us”

And in Italy, does it exist? “No. officially we are still in a few months ago. We had a case of a cluster that grew into a nursing home Bagnakavalo, in which a virus was found Slightly different What we expected, but from the visuals, it doesn’t seem to be Ay4.2 Delta Plus. Then the analysis: “We can’t deny the signs they tell us” that something is changing but not confirmed yet, everything remains unchanged. It must also be said that sequencing the virus and analyzing the sequence to understand How different is it from Prototype It’s not easy and you need time and care.”

Sambri on Delta Plus: “Viruses have been found in the UK but it is not clear what is happening”

and then, in terms of concerns and similar scenario To the United Kingdom: “That’s what I’ll tell us” This will not happen. Scientists in England are seeing that there are some viruses that are circulating more than others but meaning is still unclear. Viruses are absolutely unpredictable”.

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The UK case and Sambri’s opinion on Delta Plus: “Situations different, it won’t be the same with us”

and shine” although it is risky to say what is going on there, namely i 50 thousand cases Number of infected daily, why is it going to be here soon Conditions are different between England and Italy. They have used a different vaccination strategy from ours and especially from 19 July They no longer use spacers and masks

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