Michelle Silvertino: Filipino woman dies after waiting bus for days during coronavirus crash

Michelle Silvertino: Filipino woman dies after waiting bus for days during coronavirus crash

Michelle Silvertino, 33, was found unconscious on a pedestrian bridge along a large highway in Manila’s capital on June 5.

The mother of four children tried to catch a bus to her home in Calabanga, the province of Camargue Sur – more than 400 kilometers southeast of Manila (250 miles) – but no public transport works due to Covid-19 quarantine measures CNN subsidiary CNN Philippines.

Silvertino marched south from Quezon City, just north of Manila, southward to Pasay City and reported to CNN Philippines. But this was proved in vain and was trapped on a pedestrian bridge for several days, found here unconscious, and later declared dead in the hospital.

His death sparked rage in the Philippines, and the hashtag #JusticeforMichelleSilvertino trends on Twitter. People in the country joined the social media campaign, which criticized the call for justice and the government for not doing enough to help stranded workers like Silvertino.

Philippines became law in March solid coronavirus locking Measures involving the suspension of public transport on the island of Luzon, including the capital Metro Manila, and local residents were ordered to stay at home.
About 80 days later, these restrictions in the capital began to ease on June 1, and public transport was allowed to continue partially, by To CNN Philippines. However, buses traveling between the provinces are still prohibited.

The situation of Silvertino is shared by many Filipino workers who are trapped during the crash because they could not go home due to restrictions.

CNN Philippines report Hundreds of stranded passengers camped under a highway close to Manila international airport on Thursday after their flights were canceled.

“We are like beggars here. All we want is to go home to our family,” a passenger told the news agency.

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However, the increase from Silvertino’s death reached the presidential palace, and on Thursday the government announced it would help trapped workers in the country return home.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said in a statement He said that Silvertino’s situation would not repeat and that social welfare and transportation departments would help those gathered at bus stops and airports.

“Nobody wanted it to happen, but now we’re going to take steps to make sure things happen to Michelle. We have a new policy to help everyone stranded at airports and bus terminals,” said Roque.

The statement also says that stranded workers will undergo rapid tests for Covid-19 before transportation is found.

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