Michael McIntyre apologizes to viewers over new BBC show The Wheel

Michael McIntyre said he had ‘the worst night of my life’ when his new game show The Wheel ended in disaster.

The wheel has seen celebrities help contestants earn cash by answering common sense questions.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

Michael said, surprised: “This show is supposed to boost the mood of the country, it’s worse than NewsNet!

“It’s depressing! I’d rather watch the PM’s briefing!”

“We never thought anyone would win! It probably came up in a meeting and then we were like ‘no’.

“One in four, three times? No and now look at us, a bunch of people.”

According to The Mirror, he can’t believe how badly celebrities, including radio presenter Tony Blackburn, performed.

He continued: “I’m terrified. Tony lost his job because he embarrassed himself a lot with his questions.

“Mao will never be able to return to Ireland.

“It’s been the worst night of my life, I’m never talking to anyone else here again.

“It’s been said about Autoc, ‘thank you celebrity experts’, but I don’t think it should be read.”

Meanwhile, Maura Higgins was accused of embarrassing her native Ireland while playing against her.

This contestant was called upon to help Barry with the question: “Geographically, which of these Irish counters would be most accurate to say ‘this is Tippery’s long way’?”

The options were Limerick, Donegal, Cork or Dublin and Maura in County Longford was absolutely stunned.

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“I’m ashamed of my life. I won’t be sent back to Ireland!” Maora said.

Barry chose Donegal but it was wrong and he lost জায়গা 10,000 after playing his place and incredibly well until the end of the show.

He was absolutely Crestfalen, and Moura was presented silently, looking indescribable.

* Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel is now available on BBC iPlayer

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