Michael Gove raped the cornovirus epidemic for calling Andrew Marr a ‘game’ on the show

Michael Gove has caught fire with angry BBC viewers after he described the coronavirus epidemic as “a game” on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday.

Boris Johnson, the second lockdown for England, was at Hove Studios on Saturday night in the wake of Host Murray’s question.

The move would make it strictly forbidden for schools and universities to remain open even if bars, restaurants, hairdressers and essential shops are closed from 5 November – 2 December.

Gov was asked by BBC presenter Maar whether the government had done it wrong, to which he replied: “I am not trying to imply with false iron-clad conviction that the government will get everything right, of course not, but what I am saying is that An automatic identification of the cards when we are still in the middle of the game … but this is not a game, we are still in the middle of this awful practice, understandable but not accurate. ”

Even after his correction, the choice of Gove’s words has not diminished at all in the eyes of the people of the house, his reply has given rise to a huge reaction on Twitter.

One responded: “Still in the middle of the game ‘… my god, if Michael Gove sees it, it’s no surprise that it’s a ** show … human life is not a game” and another tweeted: “You’re a heartless Fool Choose. So detached from this ‘game’. Shame on you and your incompetent companions. We. ”

A third viewer responded briefly: “Good to know Choose People think losing their lives and livelihoods is a game, “and joining the conversation, Dragon Dan star Deborah Maiden posted:” Oh Blimey … Michael Gavas thought it was a view “We’re in the middle of this game … terrible situation.”

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Maro also asked Goyev if he knew who leaked the news of the second lockdown. He said he did not add that the prime minister had “arranged an investigation.”

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