MHI and Stanley Robotics: Robots for Japan

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Stanley Robotics launched a joint venture to use parking robots at airports.

While the automaker Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is part of an alliance with Nissan and Renault, so is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries by the same name. Mitsubishi Motors was a subsidiary until 1970 before becoming an independent company.

For example, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is active in the shipbuilding, aerospace, mechanical engineering and defense industries. MHI plans to set up a joint venture with French start-up Stanley Robotics through two subsidiaries.

The Franco-Japanese collaboration aims to develop and produce autonomous robots that automatically bring cars to their parking spaces. This allows parking spaces to be used more efficiently, as vehicles can be parked closer together. For the driver, robotized valet service means greater convenience. He doesn’t have to look for a parking space and can get on and off easily.

Robots are already in use

Stanley Robotics is already using parking robots at airports in France and Great Britain (we reported). The technology can also be used, for example, in shopping centers or company parking lots.

Mitsubishi Estate Group, one of several MHI subsidiaries, also operates airports such as Takamatsu Airport and Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport in Japan. Parking robots are to be tested in these locations as well as on commercial premises. The experience gained here can be used by a joint venture with Stanley Robotics to develop new services in public parking garages.


French start-up Stanley Robotics’ Park Robot will also soon be operational in Japan. A new joint venture with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries paves the way for expansion into the Land of the Rising Sun.

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