Meteor shower to brighten the sky on New Year holidays, science news

Four-way meteor rain will illuminate the night sky with 200 hot stars over the New Year weekend.

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Tetragonal meteor shower Described as one of the best annual meteor showers.

In its final period, 60 to 200 quadruple meteors per hour are observed under ideal conditions.

According to the International Meteorological Organization (IMO), the peak is expected to reach around 14:30 GMT on Sunday, January 3.

The quadrilateral is known for its luminous fireball meteors and is unique in that they originated from asteroids rather than comets. Fire spheres are light and bursting of color and last longer than regular meteor lines.

The annual meteor shower begins between 28 December and 12 January each year, but in 2021 the UK’s best trip will be on 2 and 3 January after dark. It is likely to remain at its peak from Friday night to Saturday morning.

A meteorite is a piece of rock debris that enters the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 40 miles per second and leaves a line of light that we refer to as “shooting stars”.

The quadrilateral is first seen in the northern hemisphere at night and in the pre-dawn times (this waterfall is also seen in latitude 51 ° S north).

The American Meteorological Association has suggested that if the show starts too soon, viewers will start watching it an hour before prime time. To get a good view, avoid daylight and look for a dark place.

His radiance – the point at which a quadrilateral appears from the sky – is an old star called Cadren Morels. The star was created by French astronomer Jerome Lalland in 1795.

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Unlike most meteor showers from comets, the asteroid originated from the asteroid: Asteroid 2003 EH1. It took 5.52 years for the asteroid 2003 EH1 to orbit the Sun once. EH 2003 may be a “dead comet” or a new type of object that astronomers are discussing as a “rocky comet”.

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