Mesosphere shrinks due to greenhouse gases, NASA confirms

Greenhouse gases have actually caused the mesosphere to shrink, NASA experts recently explained. The reality of the situation was foreseen by scientists, but could never be proven. In a study published on 20 April Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial PhysicsAstronomers claim to have found “First View Confirmation” incident, report geek journal.

To reach their conclusions, experts from the US space agency used data and images provided over twenty years by HALOE, SOFIE and SABER, the three satellites sent into space by NASA itself. The instruments operate well above the mesosphere, which is the part of Earth’s atmosphere located between 50 and 100 kilometers above sea level.

increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases

This height is what makes observation of the mesosphere so difficult, explaining the time it took scientists to confirm its sag. Planes can’t reach it and satellites are too far away. The study authors were nonetheless able to obtain reliable and analyzeable data. The contraction is caused by a drop in temperature, which reduces the amount of gases that make up the mesosphere.

Cooling is directly related to the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the lower parts of the atmosphere. Thermal insulation has a natural process and results in a drop in temperature as well as the purification of the atmosphere from 100 to 200 meters at the same time.

Shrinkage can also be rapid. The phenomenon observed by the researchers actually favors the formation of polar mesospheric clouds which in turn contribute to the rise of insulation-promoting greenhouse gases.

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