Mercedes changed the “minor” car to help Russell fit better

Waiting for the results of Lewis Hamilton’s latest CVD-19 test to see if he will be appearing on the second-run weekend alongside Valetri Bottas after starring in Russell Sakhi’s Grand Prix weekend, or at Williams in the 2020 season.

The British driver took the pole and then came close to winning the second event in Bahrain, despite having an uncomfortable time fitting with a car that was not conducive to fitting a long driver – with race boots that were smaller than he normally was. Does.

Asked by if Mercedes had made any changes to help it fit better in the W11, regardless of its race, Russell explained that the short turnaround between the last two races of the season meant “we’ve made some minor changes.”

He added: “But in the short time we have, you can only do a limited amount of work.

“And in the end I need to do a lot more to get comfortable in the car.

“At the steering we got something a little different, which makes things easier for me.

“So it’s positive. But everything should be normal because the car is on a race weekend.”

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Russell said he felt “a little more wrinkled and hurt” the day after leading most of Sakhir’s team, compared to the way he usually feels after Williams’ FW433 competition.

“Physically it was tough,” he explained. “It hurts her in the body, but in the end the loop outside Bahrain is not the most challenging for the circuit physically which made things easier with my limitations.

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“My guess is it’s going to be a little stiff at the 22 corners of the track and not really get a second to breathe.

“But the adrenaline of driving this car and the battle of victory allows you to apply strength only through pain.”

Although Russell came close to victory in his first appearance for the F1’s top squad, where he has been a junior driver since 2016, he arrived at the event without noticing specific results, claiming the team did better than reaching the top four. Qualifications.

Russell said that despite his last performance, his expectations would remain the same if he were to miss Hamilton again for the end of the season.

“Of course [it’s] “It feels really good to be recognized for the work we did last week but I’ll be back this weekend at the same time,” he said.

“This is my second Grand Prix at Mercedes, I still have a lot to learn and it’s going to be tough.

“Last week absolutely exceeded expectations.

“Voltaire has been pushing me all the way from Friday, putting me at the pole and then pushing me in the whole run as well.

“It was tough and we’re back to a more general circuit this weekend. [But] It would be great to get another chance. “

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