Melvin Jaminate before Rugby Union – Scotland-France: “Murrayfield? Of course, I can’t wait to be there!”

Blues and USAP full-back Melvin Jaminette were put to the test by Irish Pressure Game. He still hopes to experience the baptism of fire, this Saturday February 26, 2022 (3:15 pm), for his first match of the 6 Nations tournament in Murrayfield.

This will be your first away match in a 6-nation tournament. Are you curious to discover this special atmosphere?
Inevitably, I can’t wait to be there, especially since Murfield has a somewhat special atmosphere. I’ve only seen it on TV and I’m already cold. So I can’t wait to discover this stadium in real life as I never got a chance to play there. This will be the first.
Is finding a new stadium an added challenge for the scorers?
I don’t have marks. I don’t know about the stadium. But I know I’ll get the captain’s training to find my bearings. But it moves fast. The way I button doesn’t change. Above all, it will be necessary to take some pointers based on the conditions.
You are renowned for your reliability under the high balls. How do you explain this mistake against Ireland?
It was a placement error. I noticed at the last moment that the Irish people had changed the place they were going to remove. It wasn’t up to me to find myself there and inevitably, I was a little shaky at the time. Soon after, we corrected this error but it allowed the Irish to score seven points. It doesn’t have to be. We improved upon these small details during this week and I think it will get better in the next matches.

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“On a Candle, It’s a Collective Work”

Do you think you will be targeted by Scots?
necessarily. This is a Scottish game. We noticed that he liked to climb candles and occupy the leg. I have to connect well with my wingers so that I can be confident under high balls and don’t put too much pressure on me when I fall.

You have worked a lot with “escorts” for your safety…
This is a collective act under a candle. The receiver is not the only one included. It is the entire team that makes sure that whoever has to catch the ball is as comfortable as possible while receiving the ball. It’s not just 15 or 10 that works. These are small details to deal with so that we are the best possible in this area.
Yoram Moifana played as a winger in training. How do you get your bearings on when that too detects the position?
I think we have a lot of versatility on the three-quarter line and that’s also our strong point. Yoram is a very good player and he showed his impact very quickly. It was done automatically and later, during matches, we talk a lot about placements. I try to talk to him too. But everything happens naturally.
Gail Fikou and Yoram Moffana changed a lot during training. Is this the devise to match?
We don’t know about the composition yet, but since we have a lot of versatile players, we are doing a lot of testing to deal with all situations during the match, especially if there is a card or an injury. We know that we will have worked on these possibilities in training and we will not lose during the match. This will allow us to remain at 100% even if the team has to change during the match. That’s why we study it in training.
We often see shifted centers or openers on the wing moving backwards, but in France, we see very few backs who can play on the wing as well, like Jordi Barrett in the All Blacks. Why ?
Quite simply, I never played on the wing because I always used to play the opening or the back. This is not a situation that I am aware of. I don’t like to be involved because I don’t want to start playing on the wing at the international level. That would be so stupid because I wouldn’t have any landmarks. If I had to help one day out of ten, I would be present but I never played on the wing. I don’t want to risk playing it just to help and eventually be useless.
But on benchmarks, what’s changing?
In defense, it doesn’t change much as we are at the bottom of the line, but on the offensive aspect the races are not the same. Wingers are close to the game especially when you are an inside winger so they are different races. At fifteen, we are ahead of the ball so these are races away. The winger can take the ball in the first hand. It is specifically the attack races that are different.

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