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Melania Trump reacted after announcing the unveiling of a new tennis pavilion south of the White House on Monday, as coronavirus cases and hospital admissions continue across the country.

“I hope this private space will serve as both a place of leisure and gathering for the first families of the future,” the first lady said in a written statement Monday, just weeks before the Trump family became the White House. His Democratic rival is Joe Biden, who won the 2020 presidential election by a landslide.

The first lady thanked the “talented craftsmen” and “generous supporters of the White House” who worked on the project.

“262,3455,” Mother Jones DC bureau chief David Korn said in a strong response to the death toll in the United States.

David Korn


December 7, 2020

Molly Jung-Fast, editor of the Daily Beast-a-Litter, was echoed Satirical analysis Among others who joked that the first woman had “her finger on America’s pulse”. She Tweeted: “Oh well, people in their ICU beds will feel better knowing this [Trump] His tennis pavilion is over. “

A photo of the newly unveiled structure included cornices, parapet walls, and fanlight windows to illustrate the new building’s tied to the look and feel of the White House.

In a statement, Melania Trump’s office revealed that it was inspired by the architecture of the East and West Wings. Former President Barack Obama had earlier turned the tennis court into a suitable one for basketball.

ABC News
(@ ABC)

New: First lady Melania Trump has announced the closure of the White House Tennis Pavilion.

The first lady said, “It is my hope that this private space will serve as a place of both leisure and gathering for the first families of the future,”

December 7, 2020

Planning for the project began in early 2018, followed by approval in June 2019 by the Fine Arts Commission and the National Capital Planning Commission. The construction was partnered with the National Mall and the National Park Services Trust.

Trump helped break the foundation of the project in October 2012, which was funded by a private grant. However, the White House did not disclose the cost.

The inauguration of the mandapa is not the first time the building has caused controversy. Earlier this year the first woman received a storm of criticism for tweeting a picture of herself wearing a stiff hat while reviewing blueprints of the structure by a filling column as debris began to fall across the country.

Melania Trump
(@ Flotus)

I am interested in sharing the progress of the tennis pavilion White House. Thank you to the talented team for their hard work and dedication.

March 5, 2020

Critics called the images sensitive.

In response, Trump tweeted encouragingly “those who choose to be negative and questionable [her] Take the time at the White House and work to contribute something good and productive to their community.

The completion of the tennis pavilion follows the redesign of the first lady of the White House Rose Garden earlier this year.

Biden will be sworn in as the country’s 46th president on January 20. Since then, he will have the power to overthrow any or all of Trump’s choices.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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