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Russell Myers, the royal editor of the Daily Mirror, made the statement. He commented on Anne Gripper’s Pod Save the Queen podcast.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been charting their own course since resigning as Royal at the end of March.

Two months ago, the couple stunned the world by planning to leave their royal job and become “economically independent.”

Speaking on the podcast, Mr Myers said: “They’re cautious here, people sitting in an ivory tower shouting at things that just go through your mind without consulting you – I don’t really know who their mentors are right now.

“It’s not being fully effective and they’re rapidly becoming somewhat irrelevant, especially when you see Cambridge and Prince Charles talking about such a huge global issue.

“They’ll go back a bit.”

Speaking to The Sun, according to a Royal Insider, Harry will not be allowed to join the senior royals by Syntaf in memory of Sunday.

Among those who presented wreaths with cenotaphs in memory of Britain’s war wounded were senior royals, including The Queen or one of her representatives.

Referring to Harry, the source said:

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As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of veterans participating will be much lower than normal.

In the podcast, Mrs. Gripper discusses Meghan and Harry signing up with Harry Walker Agency, the New York-based speakers’ agency.

The same organization represents the Obama and Clinton families.

He said: “When you sign up to be a public speaker, this is their role, you are talking to the public.

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“Meghan had an interview recently, I think it was with Fortune, they came up with this fashion, talked to Zoom about some things, I think it was about the internet community and that kind of thing and made the internet a better place.

‘Anyway, it’s working for them.’

Harry and Meghan recently bought a new .2 11.2 million home in Santa Barbara, California.

The luxury property comes perfectly with a tennis court, swimming pool and children’s cottage.

Last month Netflix announced a major deal with Sussex.

The Duke and Duchess will produce films, documentaries and children’s shows for the streaming giant.

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