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Since leaving the Royal Family, Meghan Merkel has ‘given herself back’, claims renowned biographer Shawn Smith. Experts say the former actress has rediscovered her voice since returning to the United States and even made a glamorous claim about how female members of the royal family are viewed by The Farm. In an exclusive interview with Week before Meghan misunderstood the publication of her book, Mr. Smith often faced a problem with the female royals.

She said: “I think the problem that women in the Royal Family face is that they are praised for their womb and their dress.

“I don’t think I’m the only person who said that.”

His remarks were previously echoed by veteran broadcaster Jeremy Paxman who described the royal wives as “broodmars” and historian Pierce Brendan said the expectation was that “the wife gave an heir and a waiver.”

In the ITV documentary Royal Weaves of Windsor aired before Meghan and Harry’s wedding, Mr Paxman added that there were “great” expectations on the female royal to create the next royal baby.

Speaking on this website, Mr. Smith identified the Royal Family as an “entitled bunch.”

He made the remarks while discussing Meghan and Harry’s decision to resign as a senior member of the Royal Family.

The biographer argued that the couple had taken the right steps by resigning, proving to be beneficial to both Meghan and Harry.

Mr Smith said: “I think they made the right decision for them.

“I think Meghan quickly refunded herself, she refunded her voice which I think is really important.

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“From the very beginning he had to give up things that were very important to him

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He said: “Harry is getting a voice he never had before.

“I think he’s become more vocal in the last few weeks.”

When asked if he thought the Duke would fight to find his voice if he were an elderly royal, he said: “I think this is absolutely true.

“As we are with the Royal Family at the moment, they are not specifically allowed to move forward.”

Mr Smith further claimed that Sussex would not regret their decision to leave the Royal Family and claimed that Meghan would never return to the UK.

The biographer says: “Meghan Merkel is an American woman, she said very clearly that when she came back to the United States, ‘it’s better to stay at home.’

“I don’t think he has a chance to return to this shore permanently. We lost him. “

Meghan (HarperCollins, 16.99), burdened by Sean Smith, is out on 12 November.

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