Meghan Merkel News: Duchess felt ‘weak’ after seeing ‘sexualist traditions’ in the royal family. Royal | News

Dexse of Sussex was not satisfied with the “old-fashioned rules of dressing below the knee” as it has a history of talking about women’s empowerment, an anonymous source told a published publication. Another unnamed source added that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had Raising Archie “in their footsteps”

This means that he “does not follow royal protocol, especially sexist traditions.”

The source did not say whether there was any connection to the Royal Family.

In any case, the issue of sexuality within the Royal Family has been discussed before.

In 2013, Parliament passed on the legacy of the Crown Act, which means that women no longer sit on the throne by younger siblings.

The Queen became the first female royal to join the full-time British military during World War II, when she was 19 years old.

Earlier this year, Meghan Merkel attended the Virtual Girl Up Leadership Conference, where she gave a speech directed at young women around the world.

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He called on them to “continue the challenge, keep up the pressure” towards more representation.

Meghan said: “Women have always historically achieved a lot of ‘how not to do it,’ ‘yes, it’s a good idea but we’re going to do it instead.’

“But when do we listen as women? We’ve heard that in moments we challenge the rules.

Meanwhile, a source claimed to The Week that Meghan was also opposed to the “PDA ban” within the royal family.

It could refer to romantic gestures such as holding hands during royal engagements – Meghan and Harry are seen doing things that are often done.

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Royal etiquette analyst Mika Meyer had previously said it was “ethical” to do so, but added that there was no specific protocol that prohibited royals from showing affection for each other.

In contrast, this gesture makes Harry and Meghan “related to people and fall in love,” he told People magazine.

The etiquette expert added that this kind of small love show is “just a matter of choice” for every royal couple.

Observers, for example, noticed Prince William and Kate Middleton and were seen holding their hands less often than in Sussex.

Harry and Meghan currently live in Santa Barbara, California with their one-year-old son Archie.

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