Meghan Markle President of the United States? Everything a biographer says about his political ambitions

Does Meghan Markle see herself as the President of the United States of America in the future? Journalist Tom Bower, who is preparing a biography on Prince Harry’s wife, believes he knows what the future of the 40s will hold…

Actress, member of the British royal family, businesswoman and soon, President of the United States? At only 40 years old – she will celebrate them on Wednesday, August 4 – Meghan Markle has had many lives. Success on the first screen, thanks to the series Suit: Custom Avocado. Then a growing worldwide notoriety, falling in love with Prince Harry of the United Kingdom, With whom the former actress now had two children. Finally, Meghan Markle is working on all projects, now that she has left the royal family, be it books or documentaries for Netflix.

but look no further, until a presidential destiny. Even Donald Trump dreams of facing him in 2024. Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex may have opened up to her friends on several occasions, on his political ambitions. According to some sources who gave this information in the British newspaper mail on sunday, Archie’s mom hopes The interview with Oprah Winfrey sparked the interest of the American nation.

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And now a new voice is sure Meghan Markle dreams of herself in the dress of the head of state. Investigative journalist Tom Bower, who is preparing a biography on Prince Harry’s wife, believes he sees clearly in the former actress’s game. And Meghan Markle will have a plan, as well as a destiny, all mapped out. According to the author, once Harry’s memoir is written, Meghan Markle will eventually have free territory to begin her political career. “Although his political background is weak and vulnerable to criticism, This is definitely the next step in their crusade for good, writes in a long column for Tom Bower Sunday.

Taking advantage of his friendship with Kamala Harris and thanks to the support of Obama and Clinton, Tom Bower is sure that Meghan Markle California’s representatives may be nominated among in Congress. Then, if Californians support her, she can run for the senator’s spot. “After ten years, at the prime of his life as a politician, his record may well be proven correct. A candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination, Tom Bower finally ends. Therefore, for 2024 it will be appropriate. But for 2032…

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