Meghan can whistle for British nationality. entertainment

To be eligible to apply, the Home Office requires a three-year residency in the UK. During that period, a maximum of 270 days may be spent abroad, of which a maximum of ninety days in the year precedes the application.

Front Meghan The clock ticked when she got engaged in November 2017. caught up To trouble And settled in London. Then he was also given permanent residence. At the time, Kensington Palace confirmed that Meghan certainly wanted to apply for British citizenship, but would go through the normal process. However, things went ‘wrong’ when Meghan and Harry decided that their future was not within the royal family, but in the US.

missed opportunity

The couple announced on 8 January last year that they wished a different fate. For Meghan, it also ended a British passport countdown, as she spent the first few months in Canada and then moved to California with Harry and son Archie. She no longer met the requirements of residency. If the couple lived in England, Meghan could have resumed proceedings in November last year.

according to this The daily mail This is a ‘missed opportunity’, but given Meghan’s difficult relationship with Great Britain, it is very doubtful whether the Duchess of Sussex feels this way either. The newspaper realizes this. “Given the circumstances, it is very unlikely that Meghan will ever become a British citizen.”

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