Meghan and Harry latest – Royal couple delighted to ‘stay both ways’ with the title ‘Dryer’ to present to millions of people

Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry have both been condemned for trying and earning millions by “exploiting their titles”.

The couple famously removed themselves from daily royal life and settled in California, refunding any of their taxpayer money and no longer receiving money from the royal estate.

And despite claiming to have fled the UK to avoid the spotlight, Harry and Meghan have signed a five-year deal to take part in the Netflix show, valued at about 2 112 million.

But despite trying to distance themselves from UK life, Harry and Meghan retain the royal titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex – criticized by many as a conspiracy to “exploit” their position and maintain mega-money jigs.

John Smith of the anti-royal pressure group Republic said: “As far as I can see they are trying to use their position and surname for their own personal gain.

“The fact that they’ve made this deal, I can’t imagine why Netflix thinks it’s a good idea, but it’s better for them if what they’re doing … the problem is they haven’t taken a clear break, they still have their status and the Duke and Want to keep cash in their title as Duchess, ”he added.

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