Meghan and Harry are ‘unlikely’ to please Netflix with their ‘supporting’ role in Jubilee Royal

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex traveled from the United States to Britain over the bank holiday weekend. But Selle Otnes, professor emeritus of business administration at the University of Illinois, said Harry and Meghan, who were absent from most of the celebrations, were “essentially no story”.

The Royal Fever co-writer claimed the couple’s low-key visit, which saw them reunited in second row seats, might not have pleased Netflix.

Prof Ottness said the royal family will likely have been cautious about their interactions with the Sussexes as they film an ‘at home’ series with Harry’s upcoming revealing memoir later this year. ,

The insider told “Of course it is difficult to say whether the background role played by the Sussexes was intentional, but it seemed ironic that with all the talk of security issues, Meghan has Didn’t hesitate to lower the window and wave to attract the audience.

“Actually, I think it wasn’t necessarily a story in Jubilee, which may have been the company’s goal, but it’s unlikely that Netflix was aiming for.

“And not having a story is unlikely to be the goal of any brand, including Sussex.

“The Royal Family will likely approach most of their interactions with Harry and Meghan with caution, if not doubt.

“While the Netflix deal requires a lot of Sussex-branded content, it is probably prudent from the royals.

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Harry and Meghan, who struck a lucrative deal with Netflix after leaving the royal family and moving to California in 2020, return to the UK for Jubilee.

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However, they did not attend many festivals over the four-day weekend.

Harry and Meghan made their first public appearance at the Windsor since leaving the royal family two years ago at a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

But its exiled seats behind working-class royalty were a clear indication of its changing status.

Royal sources are said to be wary of any involvement of Netflix in Jubilee.

The Telegraph reported earlier in the day that the streaming giant’s film crew would “move on” if they were willing to film the Sussexes from public locations. has contacted representatives for the Sussexes and Netflix for comment.

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